Lehtolan sää, Hausjärvi Finland

60° 44.82' N | 025° 02.76' E | 91 meter | Show on map

Yearly Weather Summary

05.12.2021 07.40.00

Station:Vantage Pro2
Software:weewx v4.5.1
Weewx uptime:0 days, 11 hours, 1 minute
Server uptime:13 days, 16 hours, 35 minutes

Calendar Year

High Temperature33,5°C14.07.2021 16.15.00
Low Temperature-30,9°C18.02.2021 05.35.31
High Heat Index13,3°C27.09.2021 16.15.00
Low Wind Chill-30,9°C18.02.2021 05.35.31
High Dewpoint-21,9°C27.09.2021 16.15.00
Low Dewpoint-21,9°C27.09.2021 16.15.00
High Humidity6%27.09.2021 16.15.00
Low Humidity6%27.09.2021 16.15.00
High Barometer1033,4 mbar15.11.2021 03.14.00
Low Barometer960,3 mbar22.10.2021 03.43.59
High Wind Speed114,0 m/s 5400°27.09.2021 16.15.00
Average Wind0,4 m/s
RMS Wind1,1 m/s
Vector Average Speed0,3 m/s
Vector Average Direction249°
High Pond Temp38,9°C05.10.2021 00.45.00
Low Pond Temp-67,8°C05.10.2021 01.05.00
High UV1,527.09.2021 16.15.00
Low UV1,527.09.2021 16.15.00
High ET6,5 mm27.09.2021 16.15.00
ET total22,7 mm
High Radiation31990 W/m²27.09.2021 16.15.00

Rain Year (1-tammi start)

Rain Year Total445,8 mm
High Rain Rate188,8 mm/h15.08.2021 13.11.45

Yearly Statistics and Plots

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